Introducing Olivia Extra Virgin Oil

Olivia extra virgin olive oil, brought to you from the heart of Spain, is the single most important ingredient for culinary masters. Olivia is highly regarded by top chefs because of its premium quality and natural taste. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant properties, a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil is recognized for its numerous health benefits.

Olivia Extra Virgin Oil Bottles Olivia Extra Virgin Oil Bottles

Marinated Feta in Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Featured / Recipe

The taste of the Mediterranean shines through in this no-cooked quick meal made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, feta cheese and fresh herbs. Read More

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Impress Your Taste Buds with Mediterranean Style Tapas

Featured / Recipe

Tapas are a snack variety of finger food dishes originating from Andalusia, in Southern Spain. They may include an assortment of ingredients ranging from Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, different kinds of meat and cheeses served with a drink. Read More


Extra Virgin Olive Oil- A Remedy for Damaged Hair

Featured / Health & Lifestyle

There are numerous reasons for hair loss but none as far-reaching as the misuse of hair care products and over-processing of one’s natural hair. Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes one of the best hair conditioners in the market today and can therefore be used to reverse hair loss. Read More


When and How to Maximize Your Monthly Mojo

Featured / Health & Lifestyle

Why should having fun stop just because it is ‘that time of the month?’ Oftentimes, we reel at the cramps, mood swings and bloating experienced at the time but little is appreciated of the perks that come with the hormonal roller-coaster that is the menstrual cycle. Read More





Oil Pulling – A Better Approach to Oral and Dental Hygiene

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Great oral and dental hygiene is one of the most important health attributes that contribute to the overall well-being. Not only do healthy teeth and gums make one look and feel good, they allow eating, speaking and sleeping well without unnecessary pain and anguish. Read More


Vegetable Medley Soup

Featured / Recipe

There is nothing possibly better than an extra hot bowl of soup to warm you and help you get past the cold rainy weather as is. Combine an assortment of vegetables and you have a soup that is not only delicious but that packs a healthy munch! Read More